Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spirit of Sunday

I've been thinking that I love the newsy, scrapbook style of my blog, for the most part. It was originally started as an electronic record of all of our goings-on, after all. But I sometimes feel the urge to speak my mind on more philosophical matters, and I think there can be a place here for that too. I like the idea of a recurring Spirt of Sunday (SoS, which seems apropros, does it not?) post, where I delve into what's been kicking around in my brain for the week, spiritually-speaking. It sounds kind of daunting, all of the sudden, when I write it out like that. But my goal is not to discourse on theological matters at all (oh how I would fail on that account!), but more to share some small thing that has either given me cause to think or encouraged me.

James and I are currently working our way through the book of Job. Boy it's a tough book. We like to read stuff through on our own first, without any guides or anything like that, just so we don't go in with any preconceived notions. But, this will be a book that can definitely use a re-read, when we're done, with the help of a study guide. Last night we digested chapters 11 and 12. At first glance they seemed rather depressing, but, especially in chapter 12, we found a great deal of comfort. The theme seems to be that here, on this earth, evil people often prosper, while the good suffer. One would need to be blind to not see that truth, as its reflected in every aspect of our culture. It's also a common argument brought up by non-Christians when attacking the Christian faith, and probably one of the harder ones, for me anyways, to answer. It was a comfort for me, to have it reaffirmed that I can let go of that sense of "unfairness" and injustice and place it in the hands of God's superior wisdom and understanding.


Mom and Dad said...

Wow, that was deep. When did you get so smart? Job can be a hard book to understand but I think you have the concept nailed.

The Fifes said...

So so true! It's been a long time since I've read the book of Job. Right now I'm doing a Beth Moore Bible study on 1 Samuel which has been really needed for me. Amazing how much there is in the Bible and its neverending applications to our own lives.