Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas - Allegra

Allegra is always super easy when it comes to Christmas shopping, especially for Santa. Her big request was the Clara nightgown from The Wooden Soldier catalog (she's been wanting that for a few years now), which we were so excited to get for her. You've never seen a child so excited about pajamas. From Santa, she wanted either an iPod or a surprise. Santa surprised her with the pink iPod shuffle she wanted. I think she's had some trouble keeping it out of Hero's hands, but she was a very happy camper on Christmas Day. She inherited my iTunes playlist, which I, in turn, mostly inherited from my mom. So, out of all of the songs, her current favorite is Devil Went Down to Georgia - who would've thought?


Mom said...

Allegra has very good taste in music if I may say so myself!

Grandpa said...

Rock On Allergra!