Thursday, January 19, 2012

Photo Inspiration

Not in the sense that my photos are beautiful or remarkable or anything like that, but I love to have pictures with my blog posts, and when I get behind, I usually just go through my pictures to help me catch up. I almost skipped this set, because I didn't want to show any favoritism, but I just couldn't because Elle is so darn adorable. She started walking for Christmas! What a huge milestone, and much more exciting than presents. She didn't quite know what the buzz was all about on Christmas Eve, when the photos were snapped, but she knew that every child in the house was excited, so she was too! And darn, but do I have the hardest time keeping socks on my kids, even in the dead of winter. Our floors are so cold too. I have a full closet of slipper socks, fuzzy socks, slippers, and UGG boots, so I don't get it and it seriously stresses me out. Elle's so big, but she still looks so babyish with her short, fine hair and big, rosy cheeks (and her lack of walking, up until a few weeks ago). People mistake her for younger than she is all the time. I wish I had that problem (((sigh))).


Mom and Dad said...

She is so adorable, always so happy!