Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fair Fun

Going to the fair is definitely a family tradition - we haven't missed a single one since Hero was born. This was Cecily's first fair and we actually went twice, once on Sunday and then again on Monday. Sunday was an overcast day so it was significantly cooler - no such luck on Monday. Hero can ride on all of the rides now and tried the Zipper, Fireball, and the pirate boat, among lots of others. Allegra tried Fireball (which she really liked) and the pirate boat (not so much - I rode with them and she just about lost her sanity there). Ian rode on everything he could, but I think his favorite was the pirate-themed funhouse. He was in that thing at least 10 times. Colin, being his usual gregarious self, was game for anything and everything. He rode every ride he was tall enough to and didn't seem to really care whether I was riding with him or not (some rides were family rides, and a handful of rides he was able to ride by himself). I could have strapped him into the roller coaster and he would've been totally fine with that. Cecily rode the Baby Bjorn, the Hotsling, and the jogging stroller LOL. She was SUCH a good baby and made the day so easy. She liked being outside and all the busyness. We also visited the animal barns and ate lots of yummy food (between all of us we had Pronto Pups [corn dogs], hamburgers, chorizos, fries, milkshakes, corn, sno cones, ice cream potatoes, frozen bananas, and elephant ears). The fair, for us, always signals one last hurrah before school starts and indeed the kids are all ready to go for next Monday.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cecily @ 3 Months

Since it's become a tradition (and a good one, I think, they grow so fast), here's Cecily's 3 months pictures. A day late, but what are you gonna do? She's grown so much. She's taking 5 ounces at a time now and is doing much better sleeping. She goes down for the night around 8:30 and wakes up between 6 and 7. I'm hoping we can find a schedule that works for the school year. She has lots of smiles and will occasionally break out in a laugh, which is the best. She's lucky - no doctor's visit this month, not til September and 4 months.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Superstar Part Deux

Hero's been doing skating too - I just forgot the camera the week that I took Allegra's pictures LOL. She started the Beginning Jumps, Moves, and Spins class. She really enjoys skating and it's a challenge for her, so that's always good. So far she's been working on crossovers, one foot spins, and the waltz jump.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just for You, Dad

We are slowly adding in Cecily's 3-6 months size clothing into her wardrobe - this was the first time she wore her Grandpa's Sweetheart onesie. I love how she's puckering up in the last photo, ready for a kiss. She can't wait to meet her Grandpa!

Friday, August 14, 2009


It's become a family tradition to do swimming lessons through the city of Boise every summer. Due to Cecily's arrival we almost didn't manage it, but we squeaked into the last session of the year and the kids were SO happy. Hero did an exceptional job (she's especially good at diving and the breaststroke) and passed the final level that the city offers. Allegra also did great and was moved up for next year and Ian started learning strokes as well and is ready for the next class next summer. Colin was very jealous and it took a lot of running around to keep him from joining his siblings in the pool, but Cecily and I managed to keep up with him.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Living History

As a girl growing up I was fascinated with all things pioneer, from Little House on the Prairie to the Oregon Trail computer game (ah, the good old days when computers were new and exciting school tools LOL). Honestly I should have taken more advantage of living right in the middle of all the history. Boise was a stop on the Oregon Trail and there are historical markers all over the place. But of course, in the busyness and craziness of modern life you tend to overlook the things that are right under your nose. I happened to randomly hear that this year would be the last time they would reenact the Three Island Crossing river crossing in Glenn's Ferry, Idaho and I thought that we had a parental responsibility to take our kids. It ended up becoming a whole family Saturday outing and a fun time was had by all. We had to get their quite early to make sure we got seats and then there was a lot of waiting around. Luckily it was a very comfortable morning, as opposed to the 90+ temps earlier in the week. Allegra was so excited to get to wear her pioneer girl costume and she was quite a hit. We got to watch several horseback riders and a wagon pulled by two white Percherons cross the river. It was quite a complex process involving first the horses pulling the wagon through the shallower part of the water and then floating the wagon through the deep part (it was atually kind of scary - you could see the horses swimming against the current to get across; of course, being 2009 there was the modern convenience of police on jet skis hidden out of sight in case something happened - it was a safe crossing this year but apparently they've had problems in the past). Afterwards we toured the historical museum and then, after a picnic lunch and huckleberry ice cream we headed towards Bruneau sand dunes. They sure are funny, this great sand hills that are plopped down in the middle of nowhere. The kids absolutely loved them but I still feel like I'm finding sand in the car LOL.