Friday, December 14, 2007

Finding the Joy in the Season

This is the reason I do it all - the crazy round of shopping, baking, cleaning and chaos that signifies Christmas - to enjoy the children making memories and creating traditions that will define Christmas for them forever. When you are a child you don't see all the work that goes into making your home a wonderland of holiday sights, smells, and sounds. Now that I'm a mom, well, I just have to say kudos to MY mom for creating such a warm, inviting atmosphere surrounding Christmas. This weekend we took a few moments out of our busy schedule to bake in the kitchen. The kids helped me make BonBon cookies from my vintage cookbook. They all donned aprons (even Ian) and had their special duties (most important of which was licking the beater and spatulas, LOL). The cookies themselves were delicious, but the togetherness was infinitely more sweet.