Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cecily's Nursery

We had another good spring cleaning weekend. We spent Saturday deep-cleaning the office and sorting the kids' toys into keep and garage sale piles. Then Sunday was finish the nursery day. There are still a few final touchs that it needs (I've got yards of lavender tulle and I'm not sure what to do with it - hopefully Mom can help) but I'm satisfied enough with it to FINALLY post pictures. We've still got the rest of the upstairs to finish next weekend, but things are starting to come together in prep for this baby. And in the nick of time too, as I'll be technically full-term (37 weeks) on Thursday!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OMG - One Month Left!

I can't believe that our baby is due in one month! I'm excited and terrified LOL. I can't wait to meet her but we've got a lot of things to finish before we are ready for her arrival. We cleaned out the garage this past weekend and hopefully we can focus on spring-cleaning the house this coming weekend. She is still in dire need of a few essentials including a coming-home outfit (don't get me wrong - she has lots of clothes, I just haven't found the perfect outfit to bring her home in because it's hard to predict what the weather will be like in mid-May) and a new carseat (Colin was such a spit-uppy baby that I don't want to use his old one, plus they now recommend the bigger infant carseats that fit up to 30 lbs). I'm nervous at the thought of when I'm going to go into labor and what we are going to do with Hero, Allegra, Ian and Colin while we're in the hospital. I'm wondering if Cecily's going to be as much of a handful outside as she is inside (she's ALWAYS on the move). I'm curious as to whether the transition from four to five will be easy or hard. 30 (ish) days to go!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Easter seemed like a busy, busy day. It started at about 6:30 am because we wanted to do the early church service. It was nice but freezing (they held it outside). We did Easter baskets, had brunch, and did some egg-hunting. We literally took twenty pictures of the kids together and can you believe that not one of them turned out? The one with Colin looking at the ground is as good as it got. I had to share a picture of my Peeps Sunflower Cake - the kids thought it was awesome at least LOL. I can't believe that I only have Mother's Day left before the baby arrives (and whether she'll hold out til then is a big "if").

Monday, April 13, 2009

One Last Big Concert

Saturday marked one more milestone down on the way to babyland - the last concert I needed to play in before giving birth. We played two movements of a string quartet for a Boise State composition major's Senior Recital and it went very well. It seems like I'm always playing something while I'm in the last trimester and this time was no exception. I enjoyed it immensely (which is good since it was a volunteer effort LOL) but I'm very glad it's done. I couldn't have handled many more late night and early morning rehearsals. On a strictly-pregnancy note, I had my doctor's appointment this morning and am dilated to 3cm. This sounds promising, but unfortunately doesn't mean a whole lot in my case. I have an appointment for next Monday, so we'll see how that goes. The magic number that will get me admitted to the hospital is 5cm. Now, I know, I'm too early for that and I definitely want this baby born in May, but early May rather than mid-May would be fine with me. :-)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mad Good

I have a new craving - McDonald's sweet tea. They just introduced it here and so you get a huge 32 oz cup for only $1. It arrived just in time for me to wean off of diet sodas in preparation for nursing. It's crazy good and it comes in an insulated cups so the ice cubes don't melt, so I get to chew on them after the sweet tea is gone (bad, I know). Now I'm sure that Southern purists would have a fit with my plebian tastes, but you know what, I'm a Northern girl through and through, so I'm easy to please when it comes to tea. On a more serious note, I had my fetal fibronectin test today and it came back negative which means that I will almost certainly not go into labor in the next two weeks. They still want me on modified bedrest and pelvic rest, and I will be seeing my OB weekly from here on out, but it's definitely good news.