Monday, April 13, 2009

One Last Big Concert

Saturday marked one more milestone down on the way to babyland - the last concert I needed to play in before giving birth. We played two movements of a string quartet for a Boise State composition major's Senior Recital and it went very well. It seems like I'm always playing something while I'm in the last trimester and this time was no exception. I enjoyed it immensely (which is good since it was a volunteer effort LOL) but I'm very glad it's done. I couldn't have handled many more late night and early morning rehearsals. On a strictly-pregnancy note, I had my doctor's appointment this morning and am dilated to 3cm. This sounds promising, but unfortunately doesn't mean a whole lot in my case. I have an appointment for next Monday, so we'll see how that goes. The magic number that will get me admitted to the hospital is 5cm. Now, I know, I'm too early for that and I definitely want this baby born in May, but early May rather than mid-May would be fine with me. :-)