Saturday, April 18, 2009


Easter seemed like a busy, busy day. It started at about 6:30 am because we wanted to do the early church service. It was nice but freezing (they held it outside). We did Easter baskets, had brunch, and did some egg-hunting. We literally took twenty pictures of the kids together and can you believe that not one of them turned out? The one with Colin looking at the ground is as good as it got. I had to share a picture of my Peeps Sunflower Cake - the kids thought it was awesome at least LOL. I can't believe that I only have Mother's Day left before the baby arrives (and whether she'll hold out til then is a big "if").


Mom and Dad said...

We miss having Easter with kids around. Not sure your brothers would think it's fun to look for baskets any more, unless they had money eggs in them! The kids look perfect but sure would have loved to see Colin's face! You and James look great too! Glad you had such a nice day.