Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OMG - One Month Left!

I can't believe that our baby is due in one month! I'm excited and terrified LOL. I can't wait to meet her but we've got a lot of things to finish before we are ready for her arrival. We cleaned out the garage this past weekend and hopefully we can focus on spring-cleaning the house this coming weekend. She is still in dire need of a few essentials including a coming-home outfit (don't get me wrong - she has lots of clothes, I just haven't found the perfect outfit to bring her home in because it's hard to predict what the weather will be like in mid-May) and a new carseat (Colin was such a spit-uppy baby that I don't want to use his old one, plus they now recommend the bigger infant carseats that fit up to 30 lbs). I'm nervous at the thought of when I'm going to go into labor and what we are going to do with Hero, Allegra, Ian and Colin while we're in the hospital. I'm wondering if Cecily's going to be as much of a handful outside as she is inside (she's ALWAYS on the move). I'm curious as to whether the transition from four to five will be easy or hard. 30 (ish) days to go!


Mom said...

You look beautiful, can't wait to meet Cecily! Miss everyone very much!