Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mad Good

I have a new craving - McDonald's sweet tea. They just introduced it here and so you get a huge 32 oz cup for only $1. It arrived just in time for me to wean off of diet sodas in preparation for nursing. It's crazy good and it comes in an insulated cups so the ice cubes don't melt, so I get to chew on them after the sweet tea is gone (bad, I know). Now I'm sure that Southern purists would have a fit with my plebian tastes, but you know what, I'm a Northern girl through and through, so I'm easy to please when it comes to tea. On a more serious note, I had my fetal fibronectin test today and it came back negative which means that I will almost certainly not go into labor in the next two weeks. They still want me on modified bedrest and pelvic rest, and I will be seeing my OB weekly from here on out, but it's definitely good news.


Mom said...

We're glad everything is ok with Cecily, but I know you, rest!!
Are you trying to get me hooked on something else now, first it was starbucks green tea now this. At least this is much cheaper, lol! Miss you guys tons and wish I was there to help.