Monday, August 10, 2009


No, I'm not referring to Molly Shannon, and yes, I just dated myself terribly by saying that LOL. Allegra started skating lessons in July after a two month break. She's in the Polar class, which is the final class of the Learn To Skate program and she's doing great. She's learning mohawks, backward edges, and crossovers. We've actually been enjoying her Thursday night sessions as a family, going out for pizza at Ice World while we watch her skate (the restaurant is right next to one rink with tables up against big windows). She's got just two lessons left for the summer session and then we'll have to see if we can cram it into our fall schedule somehow.


Mom said...

Grandma's Leggabean looks so cute, hopefully we can see both girls skate soon. Grandpa wants to show them some tricks, hahhaha.