Thursday, January 12, 2012

Recital Time

There was no Christmas piano recital this year, but we kept plenty busy with my violin studio recital. I started Allegra and Ian, somewhat half-heartedly, in lessons this past summer. I decided to actually make the recital committment in early November. It was touch and go for a while there, but we made it and they did fine. Ian played a Twinkle variation and Allegra played a different Twinkle varation and The Chipmunk (Christmas) Song. I love that Allegra wanted to wear her colonial costume for the recital. She's super attached to that dress, as well as her Laura Ingalls dress (well, actually she considers it her Mary Ingalls dress, because she has blonde hair) and her American Girl Kirsten dress. She wears them occasionally to church as well, and I suppose they are as appropriate (or more so) than any department store dress (they were all handsewn and aren't cheap costumey dresses). She's a girl after my own heart. My other students all did well too - it was my longest recital by far and it actually felt like a full studio. I put some of the refreshment onus on my students' families by asking everyone to bring a batch or two of cookies, and that netted me some great leftovers as a bonus. It was my first recital at James' mom's new music academy and my students all raved about the new, spacious facilities. Of course, my own camera died the moment I turned it on, so I had to filch some pictures from my mom, who was still in town for her Christmas visit.


The Fifes said...

What a treat your mom was in town to see the recital. Very exciting that Allegra and Ian are learning to play!