Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas Eve - Part 1

Christmas Eve is the big show for me, as far as secular Christmas activities. I love it - it holds all the anticipation and none of the let down of the 25th. The day is generally low-key, with baking, cooking, and just hanging it (the kids call it the LONGEST DAY EVER lol). Then at night we have sort of a routine down. After everyone is in their Christmas jammies, it's time for each child to open one present of their choice. Inevitably someone picks out a clothing box, which is quite funny (does that make me an evil mom?) - this year it was Colin, but he was actually not too put out, and wore his Star Wars shirt to bed over his pajamas. If hyperactivity could only be bottled and turned into fuel, my house would run for an entire month on the adrenaline that is going as the prepare to open that one Christmas Eve gift... Elle was so not interested in opening a present, and there was a full-on meltdown that occurred until Cecily could "help" her open her Little People airplane and she realized that opening presents wasn't a bad gig after all.