Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas - Cecily & Elinor

For some reason we have a TON of Christmas Day present-opening pictures of the kids this year, so I decided to break it down into one post per kid so that I could bore everyone to tears with a photo blitz LOL. I had to combine Cecily and Elinor because Elle wasn't all that interested in Christmas presents, so she usually was nowhere to be found during picture-taking. But that works fine anyways because she and her big sister got a combined Santa gift this year - a big kitchen! They really love it, and I think it's the cutest thing. They've played with it so much already and I don't think the interest is going to wane any time soon. They love to make you and bring you "dinner", no matter how gross-sounding the combo (they are obsessed with the admittedly fun soft lettuce leaves and believe they go well with anything from yogurt to ketchup).


Mom said...

Aww......They are adorable. A lettuce sandwich would be gluten free, lol!

The Fifes said...

Such beautiful little girls, just love that they are close in age and play with each other...they are precious!