Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Day of Leisure

Saturday in Wisconsin was our big "relaxing" day. The day of arrival was exciting but stressful, and then the day before you leave is always fraught with a bit of sadness (this is the last time she'll sit in her high chair, this is the last time my parents will get to kiss her goodnight, etc, etc). So Saturday was the day to just revel in the cozy familyness of at all (unfortunately Ryan and Liz couldn't be there, but we did get to spend the day with Troy and Becky). Dad had already made tentative plans to take Mom to Appleton for, what else, shopping, and we were completely fine with that (hello, shopping? you can take the materialism out of the girl, but you can't take the pure joy of shopping). The six of us rode in Dad's truck (of course I had to be in the back next to Elinor, thank goodness - three adults do not fit well across the front bench of even a big truck) for the 90 minute drive. We hit the mall, which was crazy, and I got some Packer apparel (a "Teach Me How to Raji" shirt for Colin, which, unfortunately, people are at loss for what it means in Idaho) , a much needed pair of shoes, and to hit my favoritest clothes store - J. Jill (we don't have one here in Boise). Afterwards we visited TJMaxx (our favorite store for just browsing and finding "fun" stuff) and then Dad and Mom treated us all to Outback for dinner. It's such a strange sense of deja vu to be back at the Appleton mall and Outback, since that's where James and I spent the majority of our short pre-children days together as a couple and then newlyweds. Dad was a trooper, despite not feeling well, but he did hit the sack early after arriving back in Wausau, while Mom and I stayed up until almost midnight chatting. The only picture I have from the day is post-ginormous scrambled eggs and bacon, toast, and cinammon roll breakfast (even with no notice of the visit, Dad's a champ at keeping us well-fed) - Dad playing with Elle.