Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last Day of My Trip

Time to finally finish up my trip account - after a late night on Saturday, Sunday was a lazy day. We hung out, visited Barnes & Noble (it is a requirement for me to bring a little something back for my kids, no matter how short the visit) where Mom got me a beautiful violet and lime green suede Bible cover to replace my leather one with the broken handle, and, most importantly of all, had Cheesy Brat Stew. This was the BEST cheesy brat I've ever had. So smooth and the brats were perfect - if it had been possible to transport the leftovers home in my luggage I SO would have done it. In fact, I feel a craving coming on for it right now. Maybe it'll make it into my next menu... Elle found a new love in Wisconsin, the cats' sleep sack. It was soft and fleecey, so she declared it her second "Bumper" (to make a long story short, that's the name of her special blue and orange blanket lovie) and it travelled to Appleton, stores, restaurants and everywhere. Luckily we were able to distract her from it long enough on the morning of our departure that it was returned to its rightful owners.

James and I have been staying up so late, that we are later getting up in the morning than we like, which means we do our Bible reading with the kids around (sometimes I think that's good, but sometimes it can make it hard to focus). This is a habit that's SO hard to get out of, with James working at night. Yesterday, for example, he left the house at 7:30am, came home for a 30 minute lunch, and then came home for about 30 minutes before leaving for Outback at 5:45 and being at work until 10:30. When he gets home we have stuff that needs to get done, and before we know it, it's midnight. Being gazelle intense is tiring! But, we are being faithful, and I know that God will (and does) reward our efforts!


Mom and Dad said...

It was the best birthday ever! Tut and Yoda are very happy to have their "bumper" sleep sack back.

That was by far the best cheesy brat stew we've ever had too, we'll make it again next time.

I'm not sure how you guys get anything done, your schedule is crazy!