Sunday, February 26, 2012

A New Picture

I added a new picture gadget to my blog design. I may change it periodically, or I may not - I haven't decided yet. But I have to say, the moment I saw the picture of Jesus holding the child, it struck a deep chord in me. I've looked and looked for a place to buy a print of it, but to no avail, so it seems, for now anyways, that I will have to enjoy it here, on my blog. My reaction to the picture was based upon a number of things. First of all, Jesus looks exactly how I picture him in my mind - gentle but strong. Sometimes I think the masters painted him to look too gentle and frail, as if the slightest wind could knock him over. That, to me anyways, doesn't jive with Christ the teacher, rebuker, and, let's not forget, the Christ filled with righteous anger at the temple moneychangers. Secondly, there's a child in the picture - and not some idealized, blonde ringleted toddler. It looks as real as any child. My favorite part of the picture is the way in which Jesus is holding her - it has a very deep personal meaning to me. Every night since Cecily was an itty-bitty baby, I have held her and "danced" with her in her room. She has a Sleeping Beauty clock radio that plays a portion of the Sleeping Beauty Waltz. She always reminds me that we need to dance, and she lays her head gently on my shoulder EVERY time. Sometimes we sing the song together, sometimes we just sway to the music. It is absolute, pure love. Thinking of Jesus loving each of my children, and James and I, THAT much (and more) each and every day is the most comforting thing I can think of, ever. It is more powerful than any storm, any doubt.


Bobbi said...

I like this picture too. :) You can order it from Deseret Book.

PS: I am enjoying your insight on the scriptures. Keep it up!

The Fifes said...

That picture is SO beautiful. When I look at it I think of how comforting God's love is and how He is there for us through everything. It's so easy for me to try to get through situations on my own but what a great reminder in a picture that I need to run to Him.

The Merry Band of Fife said...

Thank you so much Bobbi!! I will have to get it and have it framed!