Friday, February 17, 2012


The hardest part of our trip was the waiting. We arrived in Wausau around noon, but the party wasn't until six, so that left a pretty big time space to fill. To complicate matters, Troy and Becky were expected to go see Mom prior to the party. So, after taking us out to lunch at Culvers (yum! I only "borrowed" two fried cheese curds from Troy though, so I do have a modicum of self control LOL), they sprang us on Uncle Mike. My poor Uncle Mike - he had no idea he'd be getting unexpected houseguests. Luckily, though, he's about as easy-going as people come and he was happy to have us for a few hours (he even let me borrow his washer for Elle's poopy clothes). Elinor was fascinated with their "Rory" (her term for any dog - and they have a white toy poodle, so it does resemble a small version of the real Rory), although she generally stayed out of Elle's reach, and with their bird. She did manage to take a 30 minute nap directly on Aunt Becky in between and we had a nice visit, the five of us, for an hour or so.