Monday, February 20, 2012

Party Time

And to resume where I left off, finally after the long wait, it was party time. Troy and Becky picked us up from Uncle Mike's and we headed off to Pinewood with the gigantic cake in tow. We arrived about 10 minutes before the guest of honor, so I got a chance to see the surprise on the faces of friends and family, which was so much fun! I love my Wisconsin family so much, and miss them more than I like to let myself dwell on. My youngest brother Ryan was most surprised that I didn't let him in on the surprise, but I think he was still happy to see us. Elle froze up for a while in light of the crowd (I think there was about 50 people there) but after dinner got more friendly. Everybody sang happy birthday as my Mom walked in and I just kind of hung back, lost in the crowd (I AM short, after all). I got towards the end of the line to wish her happy birthday and, when she finally saw us, she kind of jumped back. My dad's reaction was priceless, though - he fell back against the door with his mouth gaping open and stayed that way for a full minute, I'm not even joking. Dad does not like surprises, but this was a good one. At first Mom thought Dad was in on it, but Troy and I were like little kids - "look Mom, I did it all by myself" LOL. We enjoyed a nice dinner, nicer visiting, and speechifying (I begged off with the excuse of jet lag). I knew that it was going to be my only opportunity to visit with friends and family because my visit was so short, but I soaked it in (hence the lack of pictures).


The Fifes said...

Living away from my parents is hard for me too so I know where you are coming from. I am so glad you had a wonderful visit - hopefully you'll be able to spend time with your Wisconsin family again soon!

Mom said...

That was such a surprise, best birthday present I've ever received!