Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Left Overs

This is a blitz of complete and total random pictures from the month of May.  I can't believe we are almost through with the month.  May always flies by.  We have four more days of school, a night of ballet dress rehearsal, two nights of ballet recitals, and then we are free...until it's time to start the round of summer activities.  Que sera sera. 

My poor Tabatha cat.  She puts up with manhandling that no almost 15 year old cat should have to 

Apparently this is what kids take pictures of - toy french fries in a bowl on the playroom sofa

Every so often (haha) I find my children doing something endearing and cute - this time it was Colin and Cecily playing "lunch"

This picture was actually from Cecily's birthday party.  Cecily got a play tent and sleeping bag and Elle grabbed the little travel pillow, laid it out on the concrete patio and decided to take a nap right there.  Love the chubber thighs!

Allegra and her friend Gracie, playing dress up in the backyard.  Allegra loves to play dress up and has a rich imagination.  She reminds me of myself at her age.  I'm glad she's still hanging onto "little girlhood" a bit longer.  I much prefer this to battles over makeup and whatnot 

Hero's guinea pig, Cinammon, is hilarious.  When he is put outside, instead of making a mad dash for freedom, he contentedly mows down grass in one spot, for about 30 minutes - I'm not even exaggerating


Anonymous said...

They are all so cute at that age. Looking forward to seeing them in August. Have lots to do! Love Dad