Monday, May 21, 2012

The Birthday Blitz Begins

You've heard of sports seasons, but it's time for a new season in the Fife household -- birthday season.  Cecily's birthday marks a stretch of five birthdays in the stretch of two and a half months, and that's just immediate family (if you add in parents and siblings and extend it through mid-September you'll tack on six more birthdays!).  May's usually such a lovely time for a birthday, and this year was no exception.  The weather was gorgeous - perfect for an outdoor barbeque.  Cecily wanted a princess birthday, and indeed that is what she got, complete with castle balloon, and princessy cake.  She had a rough start of the day, as she's full swing in her terrible twos (which, in our family at least is a bit of a misnomer, as our kids seem to start about three quarters way through the second year, and last until age four or so) but she rallied to have a good time for her party, although she did not make it all the way through present-opening before she was done.  James mentioned later that night that Cecily reminds him of a thoroughbred horse, and it's true!  She's all fine-boned and delicate and beautiful, but man oh man, is she high-spirited.  She gets this look in her eyes, and it's all over.  Here's to learning this year how to harness that energy and enthusiasm and turn it to good things.  


The Fifes said...

How fun! And look at that GREEN grass. My cousin tells me she doesn't believe in terrible twos, it's the threes. Guess I know what I have coming my way. Happy Birthday Cecily, hope your day was extra special!

Serena said...

Happy Birthday, Cecily! (Love your name!!!)

Funny - It's "Birthday Season" at our house too. Between May and June Marc gets bombarded with the birthdays of all his girls, Mother's Day and our anniversary. Nice, eh?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Glad everything went well. Gods Blessings to you always. Love Grandpa