Monday, May 14, 2012

Ian's Turn

Ian doesn't get much press in the blog, sandwiched between his active big sisters and cute baby sisters, but here's a post wholly dedicated to him.  Ian's been pestering us to do soccer for a year now, so we finally got him signed up for spring soccer.  He really, really enjoyed his (short and relaxed) season and plans to do it again next year.  We, as parental and sibling spectators, would have enjoyed it more had it not been so cold on game mornings.  Go Ian!


The Fifes said...

Way to go Ian!

Anonymous said...

Troy here, I love how you have the kids bundled up nice and snug, and James is sitting there in shorts and sandals! Made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ian, Looking good on the soccer field! Keep up the hard work and you will be the next Renoldo! Love Grandpa