Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just Because

From the preponderance of pictures, you might think that I love my younger kids best, but I promise that's not true! They and I just happen to share lots more time together, when the camera is handy (while I'm sitting at the desk working and they are playing). Elle is always wanting to do whatever it is her big brother is doing. All too often it involves the Nintendo, and when I caught her standing on the Wii balance board with the Wiimote(even though Colin was playing the NES), it was too cute of a photo op to pass up. Hopefully the stuck-in-the-office/playroom pictures will decrease in quantity as the weather warms up. We had a lovely weekend that really got everyone excited to be outside. It's been much cooler and rainy so far this week, though, which is such a bummer. We're hoping for a nice weekend this weekend to do some yard work (as I wrote that, I had a flashback to the movie Old School where Will Farrell's character talks about how their weekend plans are going to Home Depot - so true LOL).