Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm Broken Too

It's time.

I know, from my own reading of blogs and Facebook posts, how daunting it is to take a selective peek into another woman's life. It reminds me of several years ago, when we were house-hunting. You'd walk into a house that you knew was full of family life, yet it'd be perfectly clean, organized, and decorated. I'd be so struck by this, that I'd immediately feel longing. Not for the house, but for the perfect life that appeared to inhabit the space. Because my life is so far from perfect. In fact, I'd say that it's messier than most. I struggle with children that are full of "spit and vinegar" as the old saying goes. You might hear me brag about their accomplishments in school or extracurricular activities (although hopefully not too much). I do this because I am proud, yes, but mostly because it helps me get through the dark times of defiance and testing. I share pictures of the events we do as a family, and of the meals we have. But I share those because they are the good times. I don't share the pictures of days like yesterday, where I fall into bed mentally and emotionally broken from a rough day. I don't share the pictures of the family eating takeout pizza. But they are very real in this family. Painfully real. I'm just a broken mom, trying to do her best. Just like you. Always remember that, no matter what you read on my blog.   

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Unknown said...

Just proof that we all struggle with needing to be perfect and comparing ourselves to others whose lives seem so flawless to our shaded eyes. Thanks for being beautifully flawed enough to share this with the rest of us flawed folks. You are a great mom with a great family!

nichole said...

Melissa, you are not are human; and an amazing, kind, loving, funny, sarcastic, empathetic, intelligent, and flawed.......and that is why I love you!!!