Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Well of course I have to do a follow-up  to my Heartsore post from two days ago.  Everyone deserves to know how mighty and great God is and how good it feels to live in His light.  Now, I am still a minority in my church, and not everyone agrees with me views, but that's okay.  That wasn't the point anyways.  I feel listened to, respected, and embraced.  I have strong convictions, but I strive (and I must say, I've grown a lot this year in that area) to also have an air of humility and gentleness.  This does not come naturally to me as it does to some.  But I'm learning it, and for having to learn it rather than having an inborn talent for it, I think I appreciate it all the more.  God provided the direction for everyone, and open, honest discussion was had and concerns were addressed.  We know that God continues to guide us to be here, and that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.  And that feeling, of rightness with God, is just about the most precious feeling in the world.  We have an advent wreath and a book of daily Advent-themed devotionals, and I thought last night's Meditation (on the scriptures of Psalm 136:1-12, 23-36, Jeremiah 31:3, John 3:16, and 1John 4:9-10)  was perfectly appropriate for the place we were in:

When someone is committed to us, it makes us feel secure.  And when we involve ourselves in something that will last a long, long time, that makes us feel significant.  God knows this and demonstrates his unshakable commitment to us --first.  He offers us his grace and his acceptance.  And he teaches us, gently and consistently, that his love endures forever.  It is when we forget this two things that we fail and begin to believe the terrible lie that we are lovable only when we are great.  We fall victim to this lie when all of our best efforts are done to be (or at least to look) great in order to win the attention and admiration of our peers.  But the clear teaching of Jesus is that we are loved because God is great, and it is on this we must depend.  We need to realize that attempting to be who others want us to be and seeking their approval leaves us confused and lost.  We need to learn that obedience to God's commands brings revelation and a personal knowledge of him, which fulfills even the deep longing of our heart for love, security, and hope.  God sent a sign of his commitment to us -- a gentle sign, a baby born.  The best thing God had, he gave to us.  He sacrificed what was most precious to him in order to show us just how committed he is.  And when we commit our lives to him, we see for ourselves that his love endures forever.

by Kenneth Boa with John Allen Turner from 25 Days of Advent



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I am so thankful.