Monday, December 10, 2012

Getting Braver

Okay, I admit, I'm addicted to blogs where people post what they are wearing. So, if I want to encourage others to do that, then I probably should put some of my own posts up. I think it also might be a useful step in self-acceptance. I don't mean self-acceptance in terms of not trying to do better in being healthy (I decided to rejoin Weight Watchers before the holidays, instead of waiting til afterwards, because this is, of course, the most challenging time and I wanted the "it's brand new and I'm losing three pounds a week" inspiration to see me through the holiday eating season), but self-acceptance in terms of not determining that life will begin when I can just lost 20 pounds (or earn $20,000 more a year, right?). But anyhow, I digress (as I always do). Here's my first installment, which lines up nicely with the Modest Mondays posts I found all over the blogosphere. This is yesterday's outfit. I do try to dress nicely all week, only adding a headcovering for church on Sundays, and maybe some of my more "uncomfortable" clothes. For example, for weekday wearing, I probably would have substituted the blue poplin faux wrap top for a nice teal knit top under a black cardigan (I have a thing about poplin - it's pretty, but not my favorite material).

Headcovering: Cecily's Classic Lace in black by Garlands of Grace ($18)
Aqua Faux Wrap Blouse: Lace Bryant (free from my mom!)
Black Velvet Cami: so old the tag is long missing (I think this was passed down from someone to me years ago)
Black A-Line Skirt with Teal Embroidery: Sunny Leigh (purchased from Dillard's department store several years ago for about $20 on super clearance)
Black Leggings: Cuddle Duds from Kohl's (about $12)
Black Tall Leather Boots: Ros Hommerson from eBay for $65


Jacie said...

Girl, you're rocking it with a full figure!!!!! It looks great an non-frumpy! Its nice to see more examples of modest dress from all sizes of women :) Thanks for posting.

The Merry Band of Fife said...


Thanks for your kind words! I know that I always appreciate when I see someone closer to my size posting their modest dress, because it's a bit different for full-figured women than it is for the slender girls. But it absolutely can be done, and I think it's ESPECIALLY important for the plus sized woman to be dressed neatly because people are often automatically making judgements, and a neat, tidy appearance can dampen some of that.

In Christ,

Jess said...

You look great!! It can be harder to find great looking skirts/dresses when you're not a size 6! I wear skirts every day, and I sometimes struggle with finding something that doesn't make me look frumpy! Great post!

The Merry Band of Fife said...


Thank you! I've had pretty good luck with skirts, but it also helps that I'm only 5'1", so the average skirt is going to be a bit longer on me, giving me more options than a taller woman, I'm sure. Dresses are harder, and most of those left in my closet are from my smaller days, although I do have a handful that I wear.

In Christ,