Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tree #1


I probably don't need to post pictures, because my trees don't change much from year to year.  I think that's part of the charm of Christmas - the repetition of old traditions.  I do plan to start to make some changes to my holiday decor, moving towards a style that is a bit more sophisticated and grown-up.  Our artificial tree is losing "needles" faster than our real tree, so I think it only probably has two or three years left in it.  I insisted, when I picked the tree out, that I wanted multicolor lights.  I've always despised clear lights - so boring.  But now I'm thinking of going in that direction next time.  I was thinking that maybe I could also add some colored lights on top of the prelit strands and maybe I could change that from year to year.  I've always wanted to have a purple tree once, so maybe purple?  When I think of purple, I think of advent candles, and then the season of Epiphany.  Anyhow, I'm getting ahead of myself (this is a problem I have LOL).  As it stands now, our tree is a testament to a houseful of children - the ornaments are always moving.  The tree is rather bare in some spots, and then in others you've got three ornaments on one branch.  Ah well, it certainly looks "lived in".  And not just by our children, but by our two orange cats - Bart and Ginger.  They love the velvet tree skirt (so much so that I have to have it dry-cleaned after Christmas before I put it away) and you can often find them cuddled up under the tree for hours.  It's better than when they were kittens and tried to climb the tree.  If they aren't under the tree, they are enjoying our multitude of Christmas fleece and down throws.  Our sectional disappears for the season under a mound of soft fluffiness.  I love it because it's such a cozy, warm, inviting place to be at night (and we keep the thermostat set at 60 degrees, so it's a matter of practicality that if you aren't moving in our house during the winter, you'd better be covered up).