Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Casual Holiday Wear & Family Pictures

Well, I'm going to have to admit, I'm going to disappoint a bit in our family pictures from Sunday morning (before the kids' Sunday School Christmas program) - they aren't really family pictures (James is behind the camera) and they so did NOT turn out.  This time it was Colin who wasn't cooperative while Ian had a gigantic smile plastered on his face the entire time.  Oh, and Elinor was so not in the mood too (hence the reason I'm in one of the pictures).  Hopefully we'll get a mulligan on a family photo next Sunday before church. 

This was seriously as good as it got when it came to a kid pic.

And there's the one with me.  Since the kids are the same, I'll describe my outfit, since it does fit in with the whole modesty thing.

Head covering: Autumn Chiffon in Rustic Roses in Vintage Pink by Garlands of Grace ($19)
Lavender Tee: Very old, plain tee from my mother (free!)
Sweater: From Kohl's on Black Friday last year (about $20)
Vintage Broach holding sweater closed, from my great-grandmother
Denim Skirt by Ralph Lauren, purchased from Savers two years ago or so (about $10)
I also have a vintage white eyelet slip/petticoat underneath from ebay ($15)
and white cotton lace-trimmed pettipants from Amazon last spring ($9)
Brown Leather Boots from ebay ($25)

Since I promised I'd add some more pictures of full-figured modesty, here's my take on nice casual wear.  I wore this on Saturday - James and I spent the morning running errands while Hero babysat her siblings and we turned it into a date with a nice adults-only lunch!  I don't have a problem with shorter dresses, although this sweater dress is about as short as I'm comfortable with, and I am wearing a full legging under it (not just tights, although it might be hard to tell).  It's super super comfortable with a empire waist and a turtleneck (I love turtlenecks, but it can be hard to find dresses with that neckline). 

Sweater Dress: Simply Vera from Kohls ($8 last year)
Cross Necklace: From my mom (free!)
Black Leggings: Old Navy ($5)
Black Leather Boots: ebay ($65)


Meghan Carver said...

Family pictures can be sooooo difficult. We usually have to have about 50 takes, but this year we got it in five. It's a record! Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!