Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Vow For the Next Three Months

I'm not a uber-patriot, by any means, but I am proud of my country.  I tear up during Fourth of July fireworks, Lee Greenwood's Proud to Be an American, and I'm on the edge of my seat cheering on the red, white, and blue's Olympic athletes.  I will most certainly vote in the upcoming election and take my civic duty most seriously.  But something is going to be different for me this year.  I'm not going to talk about it.  I'm really not.  Our politics, which has always been ugly (this is not a new phenomenon at all, and anyone that thinks it is needs to take another look at US political history), is incredibly sordid and sleazy this year.  At several points I've felt the strong urge to take a cleansing bath after reading about the goings-on on both sides of the aisle.  So, right now I make the commitment that I will keep my political preferences private for the next three months.  This is a pretty big departure from my former self - I LOVED politics and prided myself on having fiery opinions.  But no more.  My duty to my country as a voter is my private business, and it's certainly not worth getting in the way of my witness or muddying my ministry.  And so, I will turn to the Lord every day and pray for wisdom and discernment.  This isn't to hold myself up as some shining example.  By no means!  What I am called to by the Lord might not be what you are called to - I wrote this post to hold myself accountable to my promise.


Dianne said...

Well stated. I should print this & post it on my bathroom mirror. May I share it?

The Merry Band of Fife said...

Absolutely, Dianne, absolutely.