Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dreading Today

Well now, that sounds awfully dramatic.  And I'm being a whiny baby, admittedly, but today is family photo day.  Ugh.  I loathe family photo day.  It's so stressful.  Don't get me wrong, I'm beyond appreciative that a lovely sister in Christ has graciously agreed to photograph our family so that we may have a current photo for our Prayer Cards.  But I'm dreading the actual photo-taking process like no other.  I'm not a big fan of photos of myself, period, but factor in trying to deal with having nine people needing to look somewhat presentable and looking in the same direction with some semblance of a smile is enough to make the bravest of parents tremble.  Oh, and how tempted was I to put this off when I checked the weather forecast and saw that it's going to be a balmy 99 degrees at precisely the time we're going to be at our outdoor photo shoot?  And we have to drive 20 minutes in our picture best in our non-air conditioned van for said photo?  All I can wonder is - can you edit out sweat stains?  Here's hoping.

Our last family photo - November 2014.  Trust me, if this wasn't missing a child, it would SO be going on our prayer cards, no matter how long ago it was.  :)


JoyC said...

I always admire of how handsome and beautiful your children always look at church. You are an amazing mom to be able to get all of them up and ready for church always looking wonderful. You will do well today. So excited to see The Merry Band of Fife be in one whole picture. What a crew and what a blessing!!!!