Monday, August 8, 2016

Growing in Christ

One of the most beautiful things about this missionary journey, outside of the satisfaction of following God's calling, is the opportunity for incredible growth in the lives of both James and I.  It's no coincidence that part of our pre-field training includes a local church internship, and to that end James has been working with one of our pastors and learning how to do hospital chaplain visits.  I'm so proud of him as he's studied and prepared diligently for both of his appointments.  I look forward to seeing the other ways in which he grows through this journey.  I've been seeing a lot of growth in my prayer life.  This has always been an area in which I've struggled.  I've known that my prayer life discipline isn't what it should be for about the last year or two.  And that head knowledge grieved my soul, but I still wasn't following through.  While I'm far from where I know God wants me to be yet, I am improving in the discipline of prayer weekly and, most importantly, the joy of purposeful communication with my Lord.