Thursday, August 18, 2016

Houston, We Have Recovered

I have a love/hate relationship with camping.  I think it's so, so good for the family and leaves your children with tons of memories to carry them through the years.  I grew up camping A LOT, and while I certainly complained (at times quite vociferously) as a teen, now I look back at those family bonding moments with great fondness.  But here's one secret that no one tells you as a kid: camping as a mom is a whole other ballgame.  It's so much work, from the moment of planning, through preparation, through execution, and then, to add insult to injury, the clean up is epic.  I also am a bit of an overachiever in terms of post-camping clean up, so that doesn't help.  Everything has to be washed, scrubbed, and decontaminated after we arrive back home.  I even wash camping toys, backpacks, and shoes.  It's just a thing for me.  So, the process of recuperating sometimes takes up to a week.  But I think I made a personal best this camping trip - everything was washed and put neatly back away in their respective places by last night.  That includes every pillow, every duvet, every sleeping bag (I've got a LOT of sleeping bags to wash), every towel, every utensil, every.thing.  All loaded into bins and put away on the garage shelves so that my garage floor does not look like an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course.  Life is good.  Or I have a bit of a problem.  Maybe both?  I wouldn't argue with you there... :)