Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hawaii - Part 2

On our first full day in Hawaii, we headed straight to the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor.  I've been three times now, and it's a powerful experience.  I feel so privileged that my children have experienced it.  My kiddos can sometimes be rambunctious, but the sober mood that pervaded the movie, boat ride, and memorial itself definitely was felt even by the little ones.  Cecily is very verbal, and she talked a lot about the "boys who died on the boat".  She thought the oil stains were rainbows for "the boys", and I suppose that's one way of looking at it.  
On the boat ride over

The "rainbows for the boys"

Colin was fascinated by the remains of the ship itself, and the tropical fish which inhabited it

James, Ian, and Cecily

The little girls with their Aunt Liz (Cecily was stuck to her the entire trip, I think) at the Visitor Center afterwards

Hero & Cecily, with Uncle Troy and Phoenix in the background (baby-wearing is so manly, isn't it?)

Ian, in a rare photo (he shies away from the camera)