Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hawaii - Part 3

After our solemn trip to the Arizona Memorial, we visited the USS Bowfin submarine and the USS Missouri battleship (this was where the Instrument of Surrender was signed by Japan and the Allies).  This is right up my alley - I love all things historical.  The kids really enjoyed it too!

Ian, Cecily & Grandpa on the deck of the USS Bowfin

One of the few pictures I managed to snap of the interior - the people behind us wanted to go faster than the audio tour, grr

Ian, Allegra, Cecily, and Aunt Becky

Heading towards the USS Missouri (my favorite - I'm really the one who insisted we had to tour it)

Daddy and his little girls

Colin manning an anti-aircraft gun

All six of the kids plus Dad (a rare feat!)

The spot where the Instrument of Surrender was signed (the Canadian signed on the wrong line, which I find uproariously funny)

Allegra, Elinor & Cecily in one of the multitudinous sleeping cabins for the enlisted crew (they are my children, they complained about how itchy the wool blankets were)

Dad and Phoenix hanging out in front of the on-board Post Office - we can't let Dad pass up an opportunity to pose with anything having to do with his long-time employer

Elinor, Allegra, Ian, and Cecily after our two hour tour

Allegra hamming it up with her sisters (she's mimicking the very famous sailor kissing a nurse pose behind her)