Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

That's how I always think of Christmas night, as we're getting ready to go to bed and snap one last picture, knowing that in a few short hours, there will be mass chaos.  We had a very materially blessed Christmas this year - Ian enjoyed his Legos and video game, Hero got mostly clothes, Colin got a bike, Allegra got the new historical American Girl doll, Caroline (probably the gift I personally was most excited to give), Cecily got the Little People Disney Princess Castle, and Elinor got the Shirley Temple DVD collection she's been oohing and ahhing over during TV infomercials for a few months.  Daddy got a burger press, mango cutter, and new hat, and Mama got a skirt, new shoes, and sweater. 

Christmas night

Christmas morning - the kids slept, slumber party style in our bedroom, til 7
This picture is mid-chaos, but I thought it was pretty cute - Colin climbed into the bike gift bag to open it.