Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Modern Modest Christmas Fashion (in Retrospect)

Ah, well this is much later than I wanted to post, but I've felt absolutely no draw towards the computer or the online world at large over the holiday break, which was wonderful! Now that the kids are back in their regular school routine, and I'm slowly getting back into my blessed routine (can you tell how much I LOVE routine), I can play catch-up on my blog. First, a delayed Modest Monday post. This was my official "Christmas" outfit, which I wore to the Sunday Christmas service (we went on Christmas Eve too, but that's more of an abbreviated, carol-singing get-together). It was one of my favorites!  I like the pairing of the frilly, romantic blouse with the fitted denim jacket, and I also like the mix of traditional red plaid a-line (it's not as slim a cut as it looks in the picture - I was just standing funny, apparently) wool skirt with more contemporary stuff on top.  It felt perfectly holiday without looking too themey. 

Head Covering - Mocha Stretch Lace from Garlands of Grace ($18)
Denim Jacket - Liz Claiborne (free hand-me-down from Mom)
Cream Sleeveless Blouse with Tie Neck - Old Navy purchased two years ago for less than $5
Skirt - Worthington (free hand-me-down from Mom)
Black Leggings - Cuddle Duds from Kohl's (about $12)
Black Tall Boots - Ros Hommerson from eBay ($65)