Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bowl Party & Christmas Before Chuch

We traditionally like to have family over once during the Christmas season. Now, I said once, and that is precisely what I mean. I have a tendency to turn into a raving lunatic when it comes to having people over. I don't know why this happens to me, but it does. Probably because I'm still too busy trying to impress people - with a clean house and good food. I know, I know, I've got my priorities all mixed up - be patient with me, I'm a work in progress. And, my in-laws are probably the most undemanding people I know in terms of caring how my house looks and how the food works out.  Anyhow, we've chosen the Boise State bowl game the last two years because it's right before Christmas, and this year ran similarily. We actually had some fun preparing all the yummy appetizers and enjoyed sharing it with family. Unfortunately the game was not so much fun - James had to leave for work halfway through and I had to pick Allegra up from Nutcracker and literally missed the last nail-biting minutes of the game (Boise State ended up winning by two points, yay!). Ah well - better luck next year!

Our spread included assorted Christmas cookies and candies, pinecone shaped cheese spread (super cute and I will totally do that again - it's a cheese spread with whole unblanched almonds layered to look like a pinecone trimmed with rosemary "boughs"), eggnog dip with fresh fruit and pound cake, ham, cheese, and olive picks, cocktail weiners in sauce, ghetto dip (velveeta, no bean chili, and green chilis - delightfully tacky, if I do say so myself), and chips and salsa.
This year presented us with a "dressing up" dilemma. The kids had their Sunday School program two weeks before Christmas. So, should they wear their Christmas clothes for that, or for Sunday the 23rd? I stressed out about this at the beginning of the month, but as activities started to gather steam, it started mattering less and less. In the end, they wore their Christmas clothes for the Sunday School program and James and I wore our Christmas clothes for the following Sunday. (((sigh))) Some day I will grow out of being overdramatic, right? 

Mom and kids

Just the kids - not a bad picture, but Colin was the one being difficult that day.  There's always one...

Dad and the kids (yes, Allegra is totally make-upped up, as she went straight from church to a performance of The Nutcracker - and no, we normally don't allow our 10 year olds to wear makeup)


The Fifes said...

thanks so much for having us over, we had a great time and your family pictures are just beautiful!

Serena said...

You crack me up - the raving lunatic hostess and the Christmas wardrobe drama. I understand that all too well. Sigh.