Friday, August 27, 2010

Vacation ~ Rehearsal

Ian performed his duties as a ringbearer with the utmost professionalism

Troy's girlfriend Becky was a part-time babysitter and photographer

Ryan and Liz taking the big walk in prep for the real big walk

For the life of me, I have no idea what was so funny

Cecily and Uncle Ryan

Cecily was pooped

Elinor and Aunt Liz

I decided I'd better get a move on jotting down all of our vacation memories as school has started, Elle is getting bigger, and they are fast fading. We managed to be discharged from the hospital with a few hours to spare before Ryan and Liz's wedding rehearsal. It went fine, but dinner got a little dicey with the kids and the baby. We survived though (and I think the restaurant did too).


Mom and Dad said...

Is it realy possible that it's been a month already? We miss everyone so much! Tell James the boat deals is still on the table with the condition you don't move away. We'd even throw in free babysitting so he could go........