Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vacation - Camping!

Ah, the joys and trials of camping! It's a little bit like giving birth, I think. You get amnesia after a certain amount of time has passed. While you are actually living through it you notice the bad things - bugs (and bugs and bugs), less than sanitary bathroom conditions, crappy sleep (I shouldn't complain too much as I was fortunate enough to sleep in Mom and Dad's RV - the rest of the family was consigned to our tent), the interminable set-up (in the rain this time, no less) and take down... And then, a funny thing happens as time passes - you start to remember just the good parts selectively: campfire food (pudgie pies, smores, eggs and bacon), simple (if not clean) fun, late night game time (okay, so I didn't participate in it, but the kids had a great time playing Uno with Uncle Troy and Becky) and so on. This camping trip was both for sheer fun and economics - we stayed three nights in Wisconsin Dells with the plan of having lots of fun in the kitschy resort town. We camped at a state park, which is different than Idaho camping, that's for sure. We were in the forest, but we also had bathrooms and showers a short walk away (but they were super disgusting, so maybe that makes it sound less lush), and, of course the requisite electric plug-in at the campsite. James likes to make fun of it as not real camping, and I suppose in some ways it's not, but on the other hand I definitely wasn't complaining about getting to sleep in air-conditioning (which is funny because we have the opposite problem in Idaho - freezing cold nights). Pictures are as follows: Ian, Becky (Troy's girlfriend), and James, and Uncle Troy and Ceci. Stay turned for more vacation tales!