Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation - Deer Park

One of Mom and Dad's suggestions for our trip to Wisconsin Dells was a visit to the Deer Park. They had fond memories of taking Troy and Ryan there (maybe me too, but the funny thing is I don't remember it at all) and thought the kids would love it. So on Monday we headed over there after a trip to the outlet mall (yay for the Disney Store Outlet - I was suffering withdrawal after the Disney Store in Boise closed). The kids were so cute. They got a huge kick out of feeding the deer out of their hands. Even Cecily got into the action from the safety of her stroller (there is a LOT of deer there, I didn't want her trampled) although she wasn't quite as amused by the deer touching her as the older kids were. Incidentally, I think these are the very last pictures of me pregnant since I would give birth four days later.