Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunday School Program

I always have a difficult time deciding which Sunday to put on our "Christmas clothes".  Do I do it on the Sunday School program Sunday, or the Sunday immediately preceding Christmas Day?  First world problems, eh?  At the end of the day, I chose the Sunday School program.  Weren't you just dying to know?

Mr. Colin Man - behind those innocent big brown eyes lie heaps of mischief

This was literally the best photo of all the kids.  Sad, I know.  Better luck next year, I guess.

Elle, or as she refers to herself "the baby of the family"

Ian, who was a Bethlemite "extra" in the program

Miss Cec, usually prim and proper

The tie is totally my fault - don't blame him, he wears whatever I tell him to...

The littlest ones (2-3-4 classes) sang a few Christmas songs for us, including Away in a Manger

She made eye contact, but she wasn't going to break her "game face" by waving on the way back down the aisle

Allegra played Mary (in the pink), Ian's in the second row in the striped blue tunic, and Colin's in the first row in the dark brown robe with light blue scarf