Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ian Hits Double Digits

On February 5th, Ian turned 10.  I can't believe it's been a decade since he was born - I remember that specific time very clearly because I was in my very last semester of college, and had a ton of responsibilities. plus the added bonus of giving birth mid-semester.  I remember that he was born on a Thursday, I missed just that Thursday and Friday of classes, that I was back in school on Monday taking a math test (nugget of wisdom: don't save your required math class for your last semester because you hate math) and on Friday my string quartet performed in a master class for a world-class string quartet (I remember my Mom, who arrived a few days after his birth holding him in the back of the recital hall, and the quartet members oohing and ahhing over him).  This decade has absolutely flown by, especially the latter half!  We celebrated his special birthday with the first big "friend" birthday party since he turned five, at the local entertainment center.  The kids enjoyed pizza and cake (shaped like an orange lego - his choice) and then played arcade games, rode on indoor rides, and played laser tag.  It was a great time for them, although corralling and watching Colin, Cecily and Elle was a bit like herding cats...

Ian with his kitty

Party time

The birthday boy

Ian and a school friend - I was impressed with how well-mannered his friends were

Colin, the tag along little brother

Pizza's finished, now it's time for cake

Ian's custom designed orange lego cake

Happy Birthday Dear Ian!


Serena said...

All caught up! Whew. My favorite picture in all these posts lately is Elinor sleeping through the New Year festivities, covered in gold streamers. Awesome!