Friday, April 11, 2014

Homemade Teacher Gifts

I struggle with knowing what to get teachers and coaches and special folks for Christmas.  We don't have a big budget, and I'm not huge into the commercialization of the season anyways.  I've done gift cards in the past, but this year I decided to break a few rules - I gave a homemade gift AND I gave chocolates.  The best I can do is give something that I myself would be delighted to receive, and indeed I would have loved one (okay, correction, I DO love one, because I had a few left over).  I love the vintage ball jars, and really they are so useful for any number of things and can work with any type of decor.  So, I purchased the blue ones, loaded it up with fine (Costco) chocolates, slapped a lovely gift tag on them, and viola, Christmas present problem solved.  Next year I'll probably go back to gift cards though.  Gotta keep 'em guessing.