Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Nerthday!

New Year's Eve pulls double duty in our family, as it's also Allegra's birthday.  This year she turned 12 and was surprised with her very own pet, a parakeet she named Elsa (who's kind of temperamental, like her Frozen namesake).

Awaiting the big birthday surprise

Ah the suspense

She was truly surprised

Such a photogenic girl, celebrating with her My Little Pony cake

She's a good big sister, friend, and cousin

Smile!  You're 12!

Awkward candle blowing photo

Cecily bit the dust before the clock hit midnight

Allegra and her friend made it to the end though

Colin was the second little one to fall asleep

Elinor was the first, and all the screaming, jumping up and down, and exploding streamers/noisemakers didn't even wake her up

Ian was ready to get the party started