Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas is Coming Early

to my house!  Well, that's not surprising - lately I've been putting out the decorations before Thanksgiving anyways.  But, as fun as Christmas decorating is, that's not what I mean.  I bought myself a plethora of boots on eBay.  I have freakishly wide calves, so it's always been a problem, but I found four pairs of leather boots for steals, and decided to just go for it.  I wear a lot of skirts because I love them, and boots make so much more sense in the winter than my usual ballerina flats.  Plus, there's just something about putting on a pair of tall boots that makes me automatically feel more put-together.  Also, I find them incredibly romantic and sophisticated because I've been obsessed with all things related to horseback riding since I was little.  In fact, I should probably break out my actual riding boots (I tend to forget they are buried back in the closet - a dead hobby since we really started piling the kids into our lives LOL), only, unlike fashion boots, they are a bit uncomfortable because I didn't wear them long enough to break them in and the leather is stiff, stiff, stiff.  Anyhow, I totally went down the rabbit hole with this post, so I shall wrap it up with pictures of my lovely Christmas prezzies on their way to me.

I got the dark brown and the burgundy pair (the burgundy is kind of frivolous, but I couldn't resist because they were $24.99 - again, for leather boots).

Brown with Croco Trim, yum!

These were a little more expensive but still a great find.

And then, a little icing on the cake - I found a vintage full slip with lace hem on eBay - hopefully it'll work under my denim skirt and maybe even peep out a little bit at the hem, petticoat style.  Vintage stuff is the most fun - you just know you're looking one-of-a-kind when you wear it!