Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another Thankful Post, With a Twist

My, I know I'm jumping back and forth, so forgive me. I thought of another thing I'm thankful for - my four girls. Now, of course I'm thankful for my two boys too, that goes without saying, but lately my own lack of sisters has been weighing on me. I'm sure that many women with sisters would be quick to point out that there's no guarantee that you'd be close to your sisters. And, besides the time when my mom called from the hospital after my second brother was born to tell me that it was a boy (I was 7 at the time, and that was before people had routine ultrasounds, so gender was still a surprise) and I hung up on here because I was upset (she never let me live that one down), I actually hadn't spent a lot of time sad about not having a sister. I tended to focus on the positive - that I was the only girl in the family (which I think has its perks) and that my mom and I were especially close. My mom and I always got along well, especially becoming close friends as I became an adult. But now that she's gone, I feel the absence of a sister more keenly. I mean, I truly, truly enjoy my brothers. I wouldn't trade them for a hundred sisters. But I do think it's just different. They don't want to chat on the phone for a few hours, they don't want to go shopping with me, they don't want to be in the room when I give birth - that's the kind of stuff that I miss sharing. I'm not one who makes friends easily. I'm not sure why. I'm just not very likeable or warm (ha, that sounds pathetic and woe-is-me, but I really don't mean it that way - I'm being perfectly blunt, is all). I've always been that way, I suppose - closely bonded to one or maybe two people at a time. And I certainly haven't gone out of my way to make friends in town (will I always consider myself an "outsider", even though I've already lived here for 14 years? perhaps). But, anyways, the point of my post was not to dwell in what I don't have, but instead to rejoice in what I DO have - which is four amazing young ladies and little girls that will grow up to have each other and me (and their daddy and their brothers) for the rest of their lives.


These are the most recent pictures I have of all the sisters, from November 2010 - I need to make sure I take another one soon!

This is a more recent one from this month, of the littlest girls - I love this picture.


Serena said...

Oh my! I want to comment on everything from this last month of posts(suprised?!) but I'll settle for bullet points:

*Sisters - What an incredible bond. My sister (Susie) and I fought like CRAZY growing up. It was a daily, grueling battle of interests and wills. Now we're wonderful friends and I am so thankful for her. (She was in the room when Ally was born!) And although I always wanted to have boys, I am very thankful to have three girls to raise. I love the relationships that they already share.

*Kids' Names - As I looked at the pictures of your beautiful kids in the recents posts, I kept thinking..."I really want to know the story/meanings behind all of their names."

*Blog Identity Crisis - I like all the variety! Your brain is a maze and the frequent, lengthy parentheses in each post are always interesting little rabbit trails.

*Leather Boots - I also have "freakishly wide calves" and am too timid to try on a pair of boots...but I do dream about them.

*Narrow Gate - True. Makes me think of the passage in Revelation about God wanting to spit people out of His mouth because they are neither hot nor cold. Praying that I will not be a luke-warm/nominal Christian. I have pharisaical tendencies (which I despise in myself) but I hope underneath them there is a sincere and reverent fear of God.

Oh there's more (body image, Christian JOY, the loss of your mother, friendships, long skirts, etc)... but I'll stop there. I need to get my things (brain!) in order for Cubbies this evening. See you soon...