Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We're Back!

Now that our spring break vacation is over I feel pretty good about it. While it was happening I wasn't quite so sure. You know how it goes - vacations, while wonderful, are stressful with little kids. The whole breaking the routine thing is always a dicey proposition. But I felt relatively peaceful and rejuvenated last night - ready to tackle all the regular-life stuff. My house still hasn't recovered from adding Cecily and Elle in such quick fashion. I'm determined to start working my way through it - deep-cleaning and organizing. I did the downstairs bathroom today, and while that isn't a huge project, I do feel good about accomplishing something. I also feel ready to get back to work. I've got lots of things I can get on and goodness knows we could use the cash flow, so I'm going to hit it as hard as possible. Here's a few vacay pics from Wisconsin. doing the everyday stuff. We (with most of the emphasis on Grandpa and Grandma) spent an inordinate amount of time, it seemed, feeding the kids and then cleaning up the aftermath, so it seems appropriate to share some kitchen pics (I especially like Elle's "hungover" look LOL).


Mom and Dad said...

Looks like Elle had a little TOO much fun at Uncle Troys wedding, lol!