Sunday, April 10, 2011

Never say never

I've learned my lesson. I will never say that life has got to be getting better because it can't get any worse. It always can. Trust me on that. And to keep me from wallowing in my pity pond any longer I'm going to move on to more cheerful things - like recounting our vacation. Our big activity, besides Troy's wedding, of course, was going to Lambeau Field. We visited the Hall of Fame and Mom and Dad treated us to the full Stadium Tour. We were more than a little bit disappointed that the newest Lombardi trophy wasn't there yet (they claimed that it was being engraved but I'm gonna call BS on that one - did the superbowl trophy really have to get in line behind the season's t-ball participant awards at Mac's Hometown Awards and Engraving? Um, I'd bet no). But we still managed to have fun. Probably the highlight of the trip was everyone's attempts at doing the Lambeau Leap exhibit in the Hall of Fame (some pretty good - others, namely ME, not so much) or James "stealing" the plate of nachos from the restaurant to bring it down to the lower level (James is such an outlaw in my family of law-abiders LOL). Be warned, the picturage is gratuitous, but that's because we pretty much took no other pictures the rest of the trip - oops!


Heather said...

I hope everything is okay Melissa.

Mom and Dad said...

Your worrying us too. We did have a great time at Lambeau though. You did better than me on the leap than me!