Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good News

On the (very small) good news front, my weight loss effort is still chugging along. I was worried that the consequences of our vacation would be disastrous (brats, brownies, pie, ham, potato salad, etc were in abundance - Mom and Dad fed us well), but I actually didn't gain any weight, thank goodness. As of today I'm at 188.8, which is an 18lb total weight loss since January. I had to reset my goal, since I reached my first goal, so my new goal is my wedding weight (13 years ago next month!) - 173lbs. At that weight I'm a solid size 14, which is a short step away from the size 12 and below at which I feel more accepting of my body. I'm putting all of my too-small clothes into my eBay store, so I hope that serves as further motivation to slim down, so that I can reclaim it before it sells. And finally, here is another vacay pictures - this of Elle in her swimsuit before we hit the indoor waterpark at the hotel where Troy got married. I had such a good time there, watching the kids and playing water volleyball - it reminds me of how much I miss by living so far away. I have to say, now that they aren't kids anymore, my brothers aren't so bad LOL.


Mom and Dad said...

Aw, Elle is so cute. It was so fun swimming with the kids, especially when Elle fell asleep in my arms in the water.