Thursday, June 25, 2009


I love, love, love the way that nicely-cared-for flowers look in landscaping, however I'm a little short in the area of actually doing the maintenance required for their upkeep (and I can't stand ratty-looking, overgrown flowers) so it wasn't until last year that we finally planted some flowering plants in our landscaping. We picked up a yucca and a hydrangea (I fell in love with these in Oregon) and I'm delighted that they survived the winter and are in full bloom right now. I'd love to get the hydrangea to flower blue instead of the pinkish/purplish that it currently is, but I think that can be tricky, so I'm just enjoying the fact that it flowered period.

I stop and smile everytime I walk to the front door when I see the beautiful blooms, so I decided I'd better take photos before they are done. Look Mom, I grew something!


Mom said...

I am soooo proud of you and your flowers and to think you hated weeding gardens when you were little, lol. Very pretty!

Shannon said...

Your hydrangea is gorgeous!! It is easy to make them just need acidic soil. Ask your local nursery what to add to the soil!